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Frequently asked questions

The keywords are guaranteed effect and consumer-friendliness. Yxes contains effective natural ingredients that nourish your lashes and that have been enriched with oxygen. They protect, restore and stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Do not confuse Yxes serum with other lash conditioners or extension products that are made on the basis of eye medicines or contain just proteins and vitamins. Yxes is a natural cosmetic product that contains tested ingredients and it has been approved by the Health Protection Inspectorate.

Yxes is a first class cosmetic product created with the help of modern technology and it contains effective ingredients. The effect of Yxes serum has been clinically tested. Yxes is the best in its class when compared to other lash extension products in the same price range. As always, you have to be cautious when a cheap lash conditioner promises to give you longer lashes. It is almost impossible to offer you a real lash extension product at a better price considering the active ingredients used in the product, the test period and technology.

Olive, chamomile, avocado, almond and castor oil are the natural ingredients that strengthen and change the structure of lashes. The add shine and thickness, make your lashes easier to handle and protect them against strong external impact. It is the ideal product for treating damaged lashes and giving them volume, thickness and length.

Most eyelash serums were initially created as eye drops. Their manufacturers transformed them into cosmetic products and started using them on eyelashes. Unfortunately, this method does not stimulate the growth of healthy lashes, but irritates eyes and produces uneven and brittle lashes that break easily. Manufacturers use parabens to balance synthesised hormones – we have no need for this. The effect of parabens on the human body is similar to the effect of oestrogen, which is one of the causes of breast cancer.

It is used on the upper eyelid like an eyeliner. Let the serum dry for a couple of minutes after application. Apply ordinary mascara once the eyelid is dry – and by the way, you will not be needing mascara soon! Yxes serum may be used both mornings and evenings. The fact that you can use ordinary mascara and eye make-up with Yxes is another advantage of the serum in comparison to other similar products. Detailed instructions of use are enclosed with the product.

Changes in eyelashes often occur in a couple of weeks, but most users achieve visible results in eight weeks. In time, you will notice that your lashes have become thicker and packed with volume. Many women have said that they need less and less mascara to achieve a sexy result.

Although Yxes was created specifically for eyelashes, many women have used it on their eyebrows and achieved great results.

Yxes is popular among women who wear lash extensions as it supports the lashes and reduces breakage. So you can also enjoy lash extensions whilst using Yxes serum to care for your own lashes, but most women stop using lash extensions as their own lashes are better!

Yxes is gentle on the eyes. Users confirm that Yxes had a much better effect on their eyes than other lash products. Of course, it is important that you use the product correctly! You must apply the serum only to your eyelid next to the lashes and not directly to the lashes.

As is the case with every cosmetic product, some users may develop an allergic reaction to some ingredients. We advise you not to use the product if you know that you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Stop using the product immediately and contact a doctor if you find that you have developed an allergic reaction.


We advise you to use Yxes serum for up to 16 weeks in order to achieve the best results. The effect of the serum will continue affecting your eyelashes for about six months after last use as the product is very effective. One tube of the serum should be enough for four months if used every day. We advise you to use the serum two to three times a week after you have achieved the desired result.

Yxes has never been tested on animals.

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