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Yxes serum is:

Made in EU



Safe even for the most sensitive eyes

Your own long and thick eyelashes!

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Your own long and thick eyelashes

nough of lash extensions! Yxes eyelash serum guarantees that your lashes will be longer and thicker, and have more volume!

If you use Yxes eyelash serum every day like a liquid eyeliner, you will soon notice a change in your eyelashes. In six weeks’ time, you will see that your lashes have become thicker and packed with volume. Your eyelashes will be longer and thicker in just two months!

The natural ingredients of the serum, such as chamomile and olive oil, which are known for their useful properties, make the serum effective and gentle on the eyes. Guaranteed effect and natural ingredients are the things that set Yxes apart from other lash extension products.


Frequently asked questions

Yxes is a first class cosmetic product created with the help of modern technology and it contains effective ingredients. The effect of Yxes serum has been clinically tested. Yxes is the best in its class when compared to other lash extension products in the same price range. As always, you have to be cautious when a cheap lash conditioner promises to give you longer lashes. It is almost impossible to offer you a real lash extension product at a better price considering the active ingredients used in the product, the test period and technology.

Changes in eyelashes often occur in a couple of weeks, but most users achieve visible results in eight weeks. In time, you will notice that your lashes have become thicker and packed with volume. Many women have said that they need less and less mascara to achieve a sexy result.

Olive, chamomile, avocado, almond and castor oil are the natural ingredients that strengthen and change the structure of lashes. The add shine and thickness, make your lashes easier to handle and protect them against strong external impact. It is the ideal product for treating damaged lashes and giving them volume, thickness and length.

Yxes Natural Eyelash Serum

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